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Attended an IMS (Independence Mission Schools) meeting yesterday where the technology person mentioned going to Word Press for teacher websites. I was glad to hear that since I know Word Press is a reliable presence on the web. I’m looking for their websites, and was directed back to these several blogs I began in various workshops over the years. It’s obvious by looking at the length of time between blogs that I am not a real blogger. I have plenty of thoughts, questions,  and opinions, but don’t always take the time to share. 

Anyway, back to the original point….I’m still looking for Word Press’ website source. OR…is IMS thinking a blog format is good for homework posting???

I’m off now to do some more searching. Also attending workshop at National Liberty Museum on Social Networking, which I’m VERY interested in using in safe ways in Education.


A Blog Unearthed!

I launched a new Blog for the Pact10 group yesterday, totally forgetting that I had begun this Blog over a year ago! I attended a workshop at the D.C.I.U. (Delaware County Intermediate Unit), and blogging was a segment of the workshop.

I DO remember thinking, “OK, Bell, what do you have to say, and who’s gonna’ care?” And I still feel that way…as many Educators do. We’ve been working at learning and teaching for however many years, and I know I look to the “experts” (as in “published”) for words of wisdom and guidance toward what is valuable.

However, in this collaborative era in Education, it’s clear that experts are only a webpage away, and many of them right in our buildings.

So, I’ll just go ahead and share what I’m hearing, observing, and doing here in this Blog…and if you stop by, I hope you too will share!

Warm regards…..Bell



Here at D.C.I.U.


Here at DCIU, and I’ve met 5 other folks interested in learning to blog–all for VERY interesting reasons. One Art teacher who wants to get her students blogging about their work. A woman who works for “Stampin’ Up” who wants to get her company in on the blog thing. A young man who is a wrestling coach and wants to get his kids blogging and for the team to have contact with parents. One gentleman who is also a technology teacher who is concerned with security for his kids. Finally, Tom, the instructor tonight who is VERY easy on the nerves!


First blog here on WordPress, I think…are Kidblog and/or Edublog related to the WordPress family?

I blog with students grades 3-8 on my teacherWeb site and on Kidblog. I will also begin the older kids on Edublog since minimum age is 13…or so they say.

Looking forward to learning at D.C.I.U. today!


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